Who We Are

By nature, the Sandovals are a group of highly independent and unique individuals, brought together and congealed as a family through an intense desire to #liveourbestlives. By nurture, military life and van life both complement, shape, and encourage our nomadic and independent lifestyle, allowing us to spread out roots everywhere and anywhere. This means that our network of friends and family extends beyond physical boundaries. In the age of labeling identities as one’s defining features, we’ve found that mentality is most important to us. So, if you identify yourself as someone who loves life then you’re on our frequency.

Meet The Authors


Matt Sandoval


Hi, I’m Matt. I am an active duty Soldier in the United States Army. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in NeuroExperimental Psychology and a Master’s degree in Philosophy. I am highly competitive in all activities (work and recreation), but my personality is a strange concoction of Seinfeld and Stoicism. I am interested a wide-variety of philosophical and military topics and gravitate towards discussions of human experience. I have a penchant for planning, organization, and building teams. If you’re looking for information, advice, or dialogue on leadership, metaphysics, or a bit of wit infused with some healthy cynicism then I’m your guy.

Hailey Sandoval

Callsign GUMBI
Hey y’all, I’m Hailey. I’m a Field Director for GoCamp, a camper van rental company. I’m also a homeschooling Momma of two teenage boys. I have a medical background as an x-ray technologist. I love the outdoors and traveling, but I also like all things home decor. I have a pretty big sweet tooth, but definitely have a weakness for cheesecake. Some of my hobbies include crafting, tinkering with home projects, photography, and dabbling in mixology. Like most moms, I wear many hats. You’ll find me trying to come up with dinner ideas and new goodies to bake, as well as planning my family’s adventures and navigating my way through home projects I take on.

Bradley Sandoval

Callsign EXTRA

Hey, I’m Brad and I’m a 14-year-old 8th grader. I go to Pearson Online Academy. My favorite subject in school is history, specifically military history. I love mountain biking, learning about cars, playing sports, and socializing with my friends and family. I will be writing about my experiences as a young entrepreneur, sports and outdoor activities, and providing reviews and recommendations about many of the people, places, and things that my family and I encounter in our travels.

Tyler Sandoval

Hi, my name is Tyler. I am 12 years old and a 7th grader at Pearson Online Academy. I spend most of my time reading. My favorite books are fantasy, supernatural and science fiction. When I’m not reading I like to build everything from legos to forts. I also enjoy riding my skateboard and bike. I’ll be keeping a daily journal of my activities.

Oscar Sandoval

Callsign BIG BEEFY

I’m a one year old, smooth hair, black and tan Dachshund. I have a Master’s degree from the American Kennel Club. Here’s the low down, I’m a stud, real grade-A beef. I’m small, dark, and handsome. I like going on walks, bike rides in my basket, and napping. Will work for food. Some of my skills include shaking paws and rolling over. Don’t hound me about my size. I’m in a bulking phase. Gotta keep up that beefy appearance. I may be short in stature, but not personality. I also have a license to carry small arms. Everyone is truly in love with me.