Bark Box Review

Last updated on: Apr 6, 2022


I is gonna tells you about this magikal box that comes to my doghouse for me. It comes and I gets to tear it apart. It habs lots goodies inside. Sometimes my Mum habs to helps me get in it. The hooman who brings it puts gobs of tape on. Dis noying, but I gets in anywayz. I Big Beefy after all. Dis no problem. It has the best treats and kibble snacks.

Dids I tells yous it comes with toys too? I like the soft fluffy ones, but my hoomans don’t. I not understand why they not. Deez are de best. I thrash thems around and get to all these fluffzys stuffings. I pull and pull and leabs it all over my doghouse for my hoomans to find. I try to make them likes it as much as I do. I don’t know why they takes them from me as soon as I get to the good part. Dis also noying. Why they do dis to me?

I likes the tuff toyz too! I can chews and chews on thems. My hoomans never take them. Even tho that’s their favs kind of toyz. They lets me keep them. Dis nice.

Did I tell you I lubs the treats? I can’t have chicken. It makes my tummy hurt and these boxes neber havs anything that hurts my tummy. So gewd. My Mum calls them healthy, she knows I habs a beefy appearance to keep up and I can’ts be a sausage. Shape is portant!

You should get dis box too. Loads of fun. I gibs four paws.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Oscar Sandoval</a>

Written by Oscar Sandoval

I’m a one year old, smooth hair, black and tan Dachshund. I have a Master’s degree from the American Kennel Club. Here’s the low down, I’m a stud, real grade-A beef. I’m small, dark, and handsome. I like going on walks, bike rides in my basket, and napping. Will work for food. Some of my skills include shaking paws and rolling over. Don’t hound me about my size. I’m in a bulking phase. Gotta keep up that beefy appearance. I may be short in stature, but not personality. I also have a license to carry small arms. Everyone is truly in love with me.
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