How To Train Your Hooman

Last updated on: Apr 3, 2022


In dis post I gonna teach yous how to train your hooman. You can train them to do all sorts of good things for you! Like to let you outta da house when you havs to makes the poops, when you wants to eats and especially when you wants to eats da treats! Dis is very important! Pay close tention now.

You have your hooman gather the supplies for this project. Your Mum or Diddy will need some sort of cord, bellz and a way to hang them up. Make sure they takes you with them so you can gets the treats at the stores. It’s all about da treats!

My Mum used cord called macramé to tie da bellz together and a fancy hook to tie them up on the wall. Have your hooman tie one at the door and one near the kibble bowl. To start with everytimes I get my kibbles they gibs me a treat when I touch my nose to da bellz. Sometimes they rings them for me and I still get da treats. I lubs this! Whens they think I needs to go outsides to make da poops, they makes me touch my nose to da bellz too. Then they gibs me a treat! Dis good! Lots of treats! They do this all the time, but then it stops. I not like dis. Why they do dis to me?

Now, when I rings da bells at the fronts on my own I gets to go out and makes the poops for them! Dis makes them happy. They gibs me treats! If they get busy and forgets to feeds me lunch, I reminds them to gibs me the kibbles by ringing my bellz! Training your hooman is easy. It’s all about consistency….

The best part whens you rings your bellz and you look really cute they gibs you the treats!! Now you habs done training right. Sometimes retraining is necessary for da hooman. Don’t gibs up.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Oscar Sandoval</a>

Written by Oscar Sandoval

I’m a one year old, smooth hair, black and tan Dachshund. I have a Master’s degree from the American Kennel Club. Here’s the low down, I’m a stud, real grade-A beef. I’m small, dark, and handsome. I like going on walks, bike rides in my basket, and napping. Will work for food. Some of my skills include shaking paws and rolling over. Don’t hound me about my size. I’m in a bulking phase. Gotta keep up that beefy appearance. I may be short in stature, but not personality. I also have a license to carry small arms. Everyone is truly in love with me.
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